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Week of Colours of Ostrava
Breakfast menu

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EN Breakfast Menu
Seasonal Menu EN

Seasonal menu

A la carte menu is served after 15:30


Tuna spread served with toasted bread with a hint of extra virgin olive oil and herbs (1a,3, 4)

159 Kč

Olives pickled in garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Served with toasted bread with a hint of extra virgin olive oil and herbs (1a)

115 Kč

Pastel de Milho (2 pcs) – one stuffed with shrimps sautéed in soft tomato sauce with vegetables and the second one stuffed with champignons sautéed in prosecco with vegetables. Served with a berry salad  with goat cheese on the top. (1a,2,7)

255 Kč


Fresh tuna carpaccio garnished with extra virgin olive oil and herbs. Served with Jamie´s pesto variation (pumpkin & celery) and toasted bread. (1a,4,5,7,9)

195 Kč

Mussels on the grill decorated with a mixture of pieces of vegetables in olive oil and sweet and sour pickle. Served with avocado guacamole and bread.(1a, 5, 14)


Tiger prawn on the grill with tangerine sauce, passio fruit and chunks of mango. Served with bread. (1a,2,5,7)

345 Kč


Jamie´s chicken broth, served with bread. (1a)

95 Kč

Fish soup „Alá Tropical“, served with bread (1a,4)


Tomato cream, served with bread​ (1a)

95 Kč


Grilled octopus

sautéed in butter with garlic where the taste is gently temperated by port wine. Octopus is garnished with pieces

of cucumber in a sweet and sour pickle, served with grilled potatoes and fresh vegetable salad. (14)

495 Kč

Tuna Curry

Tuna steak sautéed in prosecco with pieces of onion and chili peppers, softened in curry sauce. Served with carrot puree and fresh vegetable salad. (4,7)


Grilled king bream fillets

Decorated with pieces of vegetables in a sweet and sour pickle and homemade pesto with peanuts and parmesan cheese. Served with bean rice and fresh vegetable salad. (4,5,7)

395 Kč


Duck magret

With touch of fresh herbs and oriental spices. Served with cheese sauce, grilled asparagus and fresh vegetable salad. (7)

465 Kč

Boneless chicken leg

In a corn crust, served with a forest fruit salad garnished with goat cheese, tomato rice and fresh vegetable salad.


299 Kč

Pork tenderloin

On the grill, served with Jamie´s mustard sauce, homemade fries and fresh vegetable salad. (,3,7,10)

385 Kč

Rib eye steak

On the grill (200 g), served with homemade fries,  garlic sauce and fresh vegetable salad. (3)

565 Kč


Tagliatelle á carbonara

Served with parmesan cheese and fresh vegetable salad (1a,3, 7)

295 Kč

Spaghetti pomodoro

Garnished with ricotta and goat cheese, served with fresh vegetable salad (1a, 7)


Linguine á gambareto

Linguinne sautéd in lemon sauce with grilled tiger prawns, garnished with goat cheese and parmesan, served with fresh vegetable salad. (1a,7)

399 Kč


Shrimps salad

Mixed salad with grilled shrimps, arugula, spinach, egg. Garnished with raspberries, mango, blueberries and peanuts.(2,3,5)

299 Kč

Chicken salad

Mixed salad with grilled chicken pieces, arugula and spinach. Garnished with mango, avocado, grilled pineapple and peanuts. (5)

245 Kč

Tuna salad

Mixed salad with cubes of grilled tuna, arugula, spinach and egg. Garnished with caramelized pear, grilled pineapple and walnuts. (3,4,5,8)

399 Kč

All salads are served with cognac sauce, Jamie´s salad dressing and bread. (1a, 3)


All the salads can be prepared in vegetarian form with mozzarella instead of shrimps, chicken or tuna (7)

(you can also purchase the salad dressing in 0,5 l bottle for 295Kč)


Homemade fries

55 Kč


45 Kč

Grilled vegetables

79 Kč

Fresh vegetable salad

65 Kč

(Serves 2 persons)

„Mindelo“ - Jamie´s tuna spread, liver pate, buffalo wings, beetroot sauce, garlic sauce, bread (1a,3,4)

495 Kč

„Boa Vista“ - Mix of cheeses ( Grana Padano, Feta, Roquefort, Brie, Gorgonzola, grilled Hermelin), presunto, olives pickled in garlic and extra virgin olive oil, caramelized pear, pumpkin and culiflower pesto with peanuts, honey, bread. (1a,5,7)

595 Kč


Chocolate fondant with homemade ice cream (1a,3, 7)

139 Kč

Grilled ananas with homemade ice cream (1a,7)

119 Kč

Chocolate mousse (1a,3,7)

135 Kč

Homemade ice cream (1a, 7)

80 Kč

Affogato (homemade ice cream with doppio coffé) (1a, 7)

165 Kč

Hours of operation

MON:  8:00- 15:00

TUE - FRI: 8:00 - 22:00

SAT: Trhy, co se hledají

SUN: 10:00- 15:00


Janáčkova 1797/4

Ostrava, 702 00

TEL. 731-115-268

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